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Fitness Photography: March Special standard

Fitness Photography March 2019 Special  Wow!! This year is going super fast that it’s already half way into February. So with that in mind, I would like to offer a March 2019 special for Fitness Photography.  I’m a Brisbane Fitness Photographer and have studied Photography at Griffith QCA in South Bank which I majored in Creative Advertising. Majority of my Uni life I had spent in the studios perfecting Studio Shoots and experimenting with a variety of lighting styles. So with this Fitness Photography special in Brisbane, I would like to offer a $99 Photo Session at de la Cruz Photography’s Studio. This will include 2 x High Res Digital Images. Bookings must be either held in the month of ...

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Fitness Photoshoot – Summer Is Coming standard

  Fitness Photoshoot: Brisbane, Summer is Coming!! Are you getting ready??     Wow, hasn’t this year gone so fast. As the weather has warmed up here in Sunny Queensland, we’re starting to get our Summer bodies back into shape. If you’re anything like me, I tend to hybernate during the cold periods and so do my muscles (under a bit of coating) and now is the time to increase the fitness level with more gym sessions, group fitness classes, run as long as you can, climb those mountains or anything else that is active and enjoyable.   The one thing about these stages is that you can compare your pre-fitness journey to your peak fitness level and see how ...

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Fitness Photography Journey standard

Fitness Photography My Journey on being a Fitness Photographer   My photography journey all started in the beginning of 2010. At this stage I had two little ones and it was time for me to think of myself and choose a career I’d like to be in. I was pretty creative growing up so I knew this was sort of a path I would like to be in for the rest of my life.  Now stepping back a few years: After High School my life seemed to go so quickly that I was only working to pay bills and I hadn’t quite figured out what my passion was. Looking back, I was fortunate enough to received my first SLR Camera ...

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Fitness Photoshoot with Serena standard

Fitness Photoshoot with Serena (Part ii) Specialising in Fitness Photography, one of my standard photoshoots I perform are exercise action shots. These are great to show technical form. Viewers can replicate their fitness exercise techniques and make sure they are getting the best out of their workouts.    Quite a few fitness trainers and influencers are incorporating video content to their business platforms, which at de la Cruz Photography we do Fitness Video content, but to make Fitness Influencers & Trainers social media pages interesting, sometime it’s benifical to mix it up. Whether it’s for blogs, website pages, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the lists go on. With multiple platforms, action photos are a great way to keep followers intrigued rather ...

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Fitness Video and Photoshoot with Serena standard

  Fitness Video & Photoshoot  with Serena The gorgeous Serena (Mum of two) joined me in a mini fitness shoot along the Wynnum Waterfront this month. The weather hadn’t been playing nicely lately but I knew more rain was heading our way so the best opportunity was on a slightly overcast day. I decided to shoot at the Wynnum Esplanade location as there were a few different background choices for each video shoot. This is optimal for clients as they can choose to have multiple locations, along with fitness attire changes, or have the option to keep their video and photoshoot uniform for their social media accounts.      With de la Cruz Photography Fitness Shoot with Serena, our package ...

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