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My Journey on being a Fitness Photographer


My photography journey all started in the beginning of 2010. At this stage I had two little ones and it was time for me to think of myself and choose a career I’d like to be in. I was pretty creative growing up so I knew this was sort of a path I would like to be in for the rest of my life. 

Now stepping back a few years: After High School my life seemed to go so quickly that I was only working to pay bills and I hadn’t quite figured out what my passion was. Looking back, I was fortunate enough to received my first SLR Camera at the age of 21 (film of course) and I fell in love with the quality my Pentax MZ50 images were giving me and I guess this was the start of a passion for caturing memories. In 2009 my first DSLR Camera was the Canon 450D, beginner’s camera, but I had no clue what to do and how to use all the settings so I enrolled myself into a short course in Foritute Valley, Brisbane. For me, learning from someone else is much better than reading straight from text/screen. It wasn’t until after these courses that the teacher mentioned some of those that had a natural gift of composing an image take their studies further. Thinking that I did have some natural ability to create images, I looked into it further. Not long after completed 2 short courses I applied to Griffith University. I didn’t get straight into the Photography degree I wanted but eventually I made it!…… 5 years of Art & Photography studies and I have the piece of paper for a Bachelor of Photography majoring in Creative Advertising. 


Fast Forward to Now: At the beginning of the year (2018) I decided to add Fitness Photography into my skill set and promote my photography towards the Fitness Industry. Growing up, my mum had always been into health and fitness which in turn influenced me.  It wasn’t until I had my two children that I noticed my body wasn’t easy getting back to my pre-pregnancy figure and although motherhood is a wonderful fulfilling experience, I felt I needed to do something for myself. I’m very much the type of person to put others first, so resetting my mind frame through workouts was one thing I could do for myself. Not only does fitness help you mentally, it helps give you energy and think more with a positive attitude. During my fitness enthusiam, I caught myself following plenty of Personal Trainers and Influencers on Instagram. They have given me inspiration and motivation within myself to mix up my training and to kick myself into gear. What I do admire are the stories where people have come from and how they have achieved their personal goals and this inspires me to see family, friends and clients proud of their fitness achievements. 



The Plug!

As a gym enthusiasts, it’s hard to see within yourself progress you have achieved.

With Fitness Photography you don’t need to be a professional body builder or a personal trainer to show off amazing muscle tone. With the right posing, developed muscles are viewable for me to capture. 

I really do enjoy seeing clients achieving their personal goals. It demonstrates 

  • Self-Discipline 
  • Motivation
  • Achievements/Goals

and helping people see these changes, showing their dedication and encouraging their positive fitness vibes is a wonderful experience. 






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