Beauty Model Portriat Headshots at de la Cruz Photography Studio in Brisbane

Brisbane Photography

Model Headshot Photoshoot

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with Amelia for a Studio Headshots photography session at our Brisbane Studio. Being a Brisbane photographer, I enjoy all styles of photography but when I come into the studio I have complete control of the lighting. This allows me to experiment with tonal aspects of an image and with this you can create a certain mood and create amazing photographs.

Amelia is in the creative industry and with her photoshoot I wanted to capture a variety of looks for her portfolio. She has gorgeous wavy hair and with her photoshoot we experimented with dry and wet hair looks with the inclusion of a few clothing changes. 

With Model Beauty Portriat Photography, I usually perform an image research prior to a photoshoot. I look for inspiration in facial expressions, angles of posing, use of hands/props and in overall something a bit more unique. These are then put together into a pdf (moodboard) and emailed to the model so they too have an idea of what style and ideas we will work towards. 

The day before a Beauty Photoshoot I always ask our lovely models to prep their skin and hair so when it comes to shoot time the editing process is a lot smoother.

Some of the prep include:

  • Hair Washed
  • Moisturise Skin
  • Moisturise Lips
  • Freshly Shaven Legs and Underarm
  • Apply Basic Makeup (If no MUA/HMUA isn’t available)

Another aspect I like to involve at de la Cruz Photography photo sessions is to always have a supply of Water and Food. Some photoshoots can take a few hours, especially when a HMUA (Hair & Makeup Artist) are involved and we need to allow time for their talent in action to happen. Gotta look after all involved!

After a Studio Photoshoot I get excited while sifting through all the images that most of the time it’s hard to pick out which ones to edit first. Majority of the time I pick the top 5 of each look and making sure the eye are sharp within the image and once I have gone throug the whole shoot I then I go back to each top 5 look and compare which ones I think are more pleasing to the eye. 

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Soon I will post up the final images for you to view on my Portrait Photography page (although it’s looking a bit bare atm). If you would like to book in a session please feel free to contact us on any of our social media accounts or phone 0400 790 509 or drop us an email at