Fitness Photoshoot: Brisbane, Summer is Coming!!

Are you getting ready??


Picture of North Stradbroke Island for Fitness Photography Blog post about Summer and Fitness


Wow, hasn’t this year gone so fast. As the weather has warmed up here in Sunny Queensland, we’re starting to get our Summer bodies back into shape. If you’re anything like me, I tend to hybernate during the cold periods and so do my muscles (under a bit of coating) and now is the time to increase the fitness level with more gym sessions, group fitness classes, run as long as you can, climb those mountains or anything else that is active and enjoyable.  

The one thing about these stages is that you can compare your pre-fitness journey to your peak fitness level and see how far you have come. For myself, I would just stand on top of my bathtub, try not to fall over while I concentrate on getting the right angle on my iphone……and hoping that my kids don’t ever find those photo’s and post them on social media. It’s also often that if you do daily, weekly or fortnightly photographs, you can’t actually get the same angle or the lighting is completely different to your last progress selfie. Yes!, the lighting and the angle of your body does make a difference in an image. This proving to be difficult in seeing slight differences from week to week.  Have you ever seen on Instagram or Facebook Fitness Guru’s post a Relaxed Pose Vs Muscle Tensed Pose? a MASSIVE difference. 


Luckily here is where I come in……

Being a Brisbane Fitness Photographer, I am absoluetly happy to photograph your progress no matter what stage you are at. de la Cruz Photography have a variety of Fitness Photography Packages that can suit you. Before and after Photo Sessions are an awesome way to see where you started to where your goals end up….and no matter the results, I personally think it is amazing the courage and self-motivation you have to being fit and healthy. 

We can organise any amount of session up until you are satisfied that you think ‘Yep, Time for Professional Shoot to happen’. On that note, we do have different levels of set packages that include a variety of mini shoots and a professional On-Location or Studio  photoshoot…..Contact Us to email you the Progressive Fitness Photoshoot Packages.

If you decided to enquire about our Fitness Photography Packages, mention this Blog post and I will give you a 10% Discount off and if you want something better, If you share de la Cruz Fitness Photography Instagram or Facebook Page on your social media accounts I will give you a 15% Discount.


Here are some examples of Professional Photography Sessions that we have held in Brisbane. 

Summer Fitness Photoshoot at Wynnum Queensland in Brisbane



On Location Fitness Photography Session

This Photoshoot was held at the end of the Wynnum Jetty in Brisbane Bayside

Having an interesting background to include in your images create a great atmosphere










Men's Muscle Fitness Photoshoot held in local gym at Lota Brisbane Bayside



Studio Fitness Photography Session

This Studio styled photoshoot was held at a local Lota Gym in Brisbane Bayside

Studio lights were incorporated into the gym and the images had a variety of gym equipment to accentuate the masculinity and dedication of a body builder