Should You Hire an Event Photographer for Christmas ?

The Answer is Yes….

Guess who’s speaking about Christmas!! Well it is September afterall and who would have thought this year would go so fast…..definitely not me!  I swear New Years Eve was only a few weeks ago when I was running around Brisbane City with my bestie picking the best spots to celebrate. So, Christmas is only just around the corner and throughout Brisbane, work Christmas Events would be on the mind by now. And thinking back to my work Christmas parties, I mostly enjoyed the company of colleagues and seeing them come out and be themselves (well pre-intoxicated stages). But what a great way to celebrate a fantastic year with your friends/co-workers in a relaxed environment drinking your favourite wine and endulging on delicious food.

So with this blog post I’d like to get the word out to Businesses or even Personal Get-Together’s, be it small or large, the idea to utilise an Event Photographer for your most looked forward to Christmas Party.  As a Brisbane Event Photographer, this is one of the busiest periods of the year to document special occasions so the thought of hiring an Event Photographer should be considered. 


Christmas Party Event at Stamford Plaza Brisbane

Stamford Plaza, Brisbane


Here are some reasons why you should hire an Event Photographer:

  • We can capture the whole Events atomsphere
    Christmas Event Social Photograph with the Brisbane Story Bridge at Stamford Plaza

    Story Bridge Views – Stamford Plaza, Brisbane

  • You will have life-long memories to cherish
  • Our camera’s are perfect for low light situations (have you ever tried to do a selfie with an iPhone in low light ??)
  • We will capture your good side. Left, Right, Back with the look back stare….Let us know your best move
  • We are good at photographing happy enjoyable moments with your best co-worker
  • Our Image Quality is perfect for your new Facebook and Instagram Profile Picture 
  • We can capture Iconic Brisbane, like the Story Bridge, in the background of your social shot
  • Grabbing those fantastic Dance moves ……. Hired Entertainment or even your dance moves 
  • We don’t drink and shoot (H2O accepted)



What we will avoid:

  • Your most embarrsing moments….Most likely you won’t have any. 
  • Those half eyes closed looks…..we do check that all your eyes are open before moving onto the next guests to photograph. 
  • Being messy……On some rare occasions this can happen but we are here to make your Christmas Event look and feel classy.  


Photographing Christmas Events are a big highlight of the year for us. There have been some amazing Christmas break-ups we have photographed over the past few years. From small intimate work functions to large corporate events that are lively and entertaining. All with the joyous festive cheer which would be wonderful to look back on with hiring a Brisbane Event Photographer.

Caricarture Drawing at Stamford Plaza Christmas Event in Brisbane

Cartoonist – Caricarture of Guests at Stamford Plaza, Brisbane

Guests at a Christmas Party Event at the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane

QER Staff Christmas Party Event – Stamford Plaza, Brisbane










Hiring a Christmas Event Photographer

If you and your company are after an Event Photographer for your work function you can view our Brisbane Event Photographs below (Click on the Image).


Link to Brisbane Event Photography Portfolio

Event Photography Image Gallery


Christmas Event Photography pricing do vary. Some events may require a second photographer, the location may be outside of our local area as we take into consideration travel, you may want a studio style Photo Booth etc.

If you are on the hunt for our Brisbane Event Photography services (we can also travel to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas) contact us directly on 0400790509

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We hope you have a cheerful year!